Yep, I’m doing it. I’m blogging.

I know. It is so self-indulgent. I hate people who blog.

But I have stuff to say. First post: my inspirations.

First, let me tell you about me. I was a scholarship track and field athlete at UVA. I was a professional runner for a while. I qualified for and ran in the 1996 Olympic Trials in the 400 meter hurdles. I am currently the American Record Holder in the USATF Masters W40 Indoor Pentathlon. I have a bunch of Masters National Titles. At 43 years old, I truly feel like I am in the best shape of my life and, on top of all that, I just got an injection of “wowza” by becoming part of the Oiselle Flock. Being able to say (loosely) I am “teammates” with Kara Goucher, Lauren Fleshman, and Kate Grace totally inspires me and my workouts daily.

BUT, what really inspires me? Here is my top 5 list.

1. A soft bathrobe in the morning after a hot shower. Better yet, if it is a shower after a killer workout.

2. Watching my mother play with my daughters. I will treasure these memories forever.

3. A hill. Any hill. I want to sprint up EVERY hill I see.

4. Watching my husband “work a room” – he is the head of a large non-profit and could become President of the U.S. if he decided to run.

5. Watching other women achieve their dreams. I love being around confident, accomplished, powerful women.

So, this blog will be about me — my workouts, races, my job (I’m a middle school history teacher), my kids (Elaina, 6 and Juliana, 4), my hopes and dreams and probably a little of my fears and failures. You will probably hate me. I would hate me as a blogger because this will definitely be self-indulgent.


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