Best Laid Plans

So, I have been gearing up for this National Indoor Heptathlon for 5 months. And now, it’s in 2 days and I feel totally unprepared for it. How the hell did this happen?

Well, for one, I ran 5 events in the Southeast Regional Masters Championships and kind of injured my calf. I say kind of, because I am still in denial that it is an actual injury. But, it hurt. A lot. And made me scratch the Long Jump and the 200 in that meet. So, this has changed the way I have trained the last month. I have not sprinted. Nor hurdled. Nor high or long jumped. This could be a problem this weekend.

But, maybe I WON’T be hurt this weekend because I basically have coddled my calf for the last month. This is what masters runners deal with all the time – not overdoing their training as to not get an injury that is not that easy to recover from. My “injury” was more of an annoyance. But it scared the shit out of me and I didn’t want to do something stupid. So I did nothing.

And now in two days I need to do 7 events over 2 days. I need to sprint, and jump high and long, and hurdle, and pole vault, and throw an 8.5 lb. shot, and run a damn 800 at the end of the whole thing. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe it is good that I have abandoned all expectations of my performances. In fact, I am already thinking of “Plan B’s” – such as high jumping off my OTHER leg (I did it in high school – how hard can it be).

However, with all my self-doubt and sadness about not being able to perform what I think I could do if I was where I wanted to be in my training at this point, I have to remember that it is still so cool that I am doing it, regardless of my place, heights, times, and distances. How many other soon to be 44 year olds are doing this? Whatever happens, I at least will have done it. And that makes me smile.


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