Training…and Habits…

I am a creature of habit. I get up every morning and stretch, whether I need to or not. Habit. Every day when I am cooking dinner for my family, I have one glass of red wine. Habit. I compete in indoor track and field meets, but once outdoor comes, I relax, hang out, and stop the hard core training.

Wait, what? I am still training hard core…

It feels different this year. After competing at the US National Indoor Heptathlon Championships this March and setting the American Record in the W40 age group, I just didn’t want it all to end for the year. I haven’t competed outdoors as a Masters Runner and I thought it might be nice to meet up with my old friends the javelin and the 400 hurdles. So, sometimes habits need to be broken.

I am set to compete in a week at the Hayward Masters Track meet in Eugene and I am pumped up to run on that track. I am also getting to meet up with an old UVA track friend who I have also gotten into Masters track so it will be like old times hanging out, eating lots of carbs, and being silly. (There will be a karaoke night for sure!) I am registered for the 80 hurdles, the 200, the 400 hurdles, the HJ, LJ, Shot and Javelin. We will see once I get there what the order of events is like and how much time I will have to run around and do all the field events while trying to warm up appropriately for the running events.

I do know that I will run the 400 hurdles. The last time I raced that race was in 1996 in Atlanta at the Olympic Trials, so I am certain to have many physical and mental cobwebs. But, a goal of mine is the American Record in the 400 hurdles at the W45 age group (next year!) so it will be good to see where I am and what I will need to do to get it.



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