Erika Pietrzak Pierce
Charlottesville, Virginia

Bio: At age 3 I started dancing ballet and fell in love with the discipline and beauty that it delivered. At age 13 I became a ballerina that started hurdling and realized I love to fly in the air. At age 25 I competed at the 1996 Olympic Trials in the 400 meter hurdles and thought that was the pinnacle of my athletic career. At age 26, I met my amazing husband, James. At age 37, I became a mother. At age 42, I became the American Record Holder in the USATF W40 Masters Indoor Pentathlon and was relieved that my athletic career was in fact just beginning. I have always been stubborn; I refuse to believe I can't do it all. And all really well. This presents challenges when you are a full-time working parent trying to train and also be a kick-ass mom to Elaina and Juliana and a goddess-like partner to James. This blog will serve as a place I can celebrate the highs and laugh at the lows that life throws at me. For as long as I can remember, my life has always been Running Over Hurdles.

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